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University of Texas Tote University of Texas Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Tennessee Tote University of Tennessee Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Ole Miss Tote University of Ole Miss Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Oklahoma Tote University of Oklahoma Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Georgia Tote University of Georgia Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Clemson Tote University of Clemson Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Auburn Tote University of Auburn Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Arkansas Tote University of Arkansas Tote $17.00 Buy Now
University of Alabama Tote University of Alabama Tote $17.00 Buy Now
Texas Tech University Tote Texas Tech University Tote $17.00 Buy Now
Texas A&M University Tote Texas A&M University Tote $17.00 Buy Now
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LSU Tote LSU Tote $17.00 Buy Now
Baylor University Tote Baylor University Tote $17.00 Buy Now

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1 x Vacu-Vin Wine Aerator
1 x Vacu-Vin Wine Essentials Set
1 x Vacu-Vin 2 Extra Rubber Stoppers
1 x Vacu-Vin Concerto Wine Saver - w/2 Stoppers
1 x GoVino 12 Ounce Shatterproof Wine/Cocktail Glass
1 x Vacu-Vin Wine Saver - Black w/2 Stoppers
1 x Rabbit Houdini Crystal Decanter
1 x Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver
1 x Rabbit Wine Stain Remover
1 x Rabbit Black Electra Wine Opener
1 x "Daughter" Mug
1 x "Hissie Fit" Mug
1 x "Panties in a Bunch" Mug
1 x "Beach Babes" Tingle Cup
1 x "Mom" Mug
1 x "Chocolate" Mug
1 x "Vacation Toes" Mug
1 x "Pretending to be Normal" Mug
1 x "Stumble" Mug
1 x "Totally Rock my World" Mug
1 x "Circus" Tingle Cup
1 x "Gathering of the Goddesses" Tingle Cup
1 x "Dare to Be Wacky" Mug
1 x "Plan B" Mug
1 x "Kiss the Cook" Tingle Cup
1 x "Vacation Toes" Tingle Cup
1 x "Friends"
1 x "Sacred Sisterhood" Mug
1 x "Tripping with the Girls" Mug
1 x "Another Pair of Shoes" Mug
1 x Texas Tech University Tote
1 x Texas A&M Zipper Tote
1 x "It's Hard Work Being Queen" Nightshirt
1 x University of Alabama Zipper Tote
1 x Texas A&M University Tote
1 x "Most Difficult Years of Marriage" Nightshirt
1 x Baylor University Zipper Tote
1 x "Mature & Fabulous" Nightshirt
1 x LSU Zipper Tote
1 x "I Majored In Wine Tasting" Nightshirt
1 x TCU Tote
1 x 
1 x "I'm In a Meeting" Nightshirt
1 x University of Ole Miss Tote
1 x LSU Tote
1 x "Just Call Me Rita" Nightshirt
1 x University of Clemson Tote
1 x University of Arkansas Tote
1 x "Stress Gets Better With Wine" Nightshirt
1 x University of South Carolina Zipper Tote
1 x "Lets Go Shopping" Nightshirt
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